Medicus Society Members Meeting - April 23, 2023

To all members of Medicus Society. Medicus Society members meeting date is scheduled for 4/23/2023 – Sunday.

  Meeting Agenda Society Activity, summary report – Dr. Tadeusz Pyz – President Financial repor...

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Aesthetic medicine fulfills the dreams of modern women for a healthy, beautiful and youthful appearance. Among these dreams are prominent, shapely and sensual lips which is why lip augmentation, correction of their shape and lip remodeling are on the list of treatments that are the most popular and most frequently used. read more

Śląska Izba Lekarska wyprodukowała film, który jest ważnym elementem kampanii promującej szczepienia ochronne. Zachęcamy do jego obejrzenia oraz udostępniania linku w mediach społecznościowych. read more

Low back pain ranges from 60 to 80% in general population. Chronic low back pain (CLBP) or lower back pain that persists for more than three months is reported to have a lifetime prevalence of 4 to 10% in the general population. This condition is associated with substantial health care cost and economic loss. For general practitioners and specifically for pain management specialist indentifying the source of chronic low back pain CLBP and selecting proper treatment for it is an issue of great concern. read more

Jeżeli masz ubezpieczenie Original Medicare i zamierzasz je zmienić na Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO czy PPO), przed podjęciem tej decyzji dowiedz się, co zyskujesz i co tracisz przechodząc na nowy plan. read more