Medicus - Photography Contest 2020

03 Feb 2020

We are pleased to announce a Photography Contest 2020. Date of contest: 03/19/2020. One of Polish artist from tri-state area will present opinion, critique on each piece.

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Zebranie Sprawozdawczo-Wyborcze Kwiecień 2020 Towarzystwa MEDICUS

W trakcie zebrania zostaną przeprowadzone wybory do zarządu towarzystwa na okres: Kwiecień 2020 - Kwiecień 2022.

  Do wyborów przystąpią członkowie obecnego zarządu towarzystwa: Dr. Tadeusz Pyz, MD - prezez D...

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Mar 24, 2019

With a great pleasure I have accepted invitation from Dr. Kathrin Tofil - Resident Physician of University of Pittsburgh, Internal Medicine – to attend her presentation at Yearly Endocrinology Conference in New Orleans this past Saturday, 03/23/2019.

Her poster presentation: “Improving Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy in a Resident Based Clinic” – has been accepted by ENDO society and then visited by several Endocrinology Directors and Fellows from around USA, who attended this conference.

Dr. Tofil is an associate member of Medicus Society, planning to enter Endocrinology Fellowship in 2020. I do remember her as a child attending Polish Sunday School in Clifton, along with my children. I do recall her, acting as translator for Polish patients in medical offices. She grew up in our community of Clifton and Wallington. One day she decided to pursue career in Medicine. And proved that it can be done.

I am very proud of her - this was her first presentation at the national level.

With respect,
Dariusz Nowak, MD ECNU
Medicus Society - secretary