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03 Mar 2022

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Dec 05, 2015

My name is Dariusz Konopka, and I am honored to have been serving as the President of Medicus since May 17, 2015.

My name is Dariusz Konopka, and I am honored to have been serving as the President of Medicus since May 17, 2015. I would like to welcome our distinguished guests, especially Consul General of the Republic of Poland  Urszula Gacek, who graciously permitted us to celebrate our Christmas party in these beautiful consulate salons. On behalf of our society, I would like to thank you all and Consul Mateusz Stąsiek for his support and help in organizing this successful event today. I also wish to thank Sabina Klimek, the head of Trade and Investment at the Consulate, as well as Father Jacek Wozny.

I have been the treasurer of Medicus since 1998, doing my best to run a tight ship, so we still have a few millions of dollars in the bank, right dr Gredysa? Well, perhaps not that much. Thank you for always keeping an eye on me.

As the newly elected President of our association, I take this opportunity to thank previous Presidents, dr John Danek, dr Eugeniusz Demczuk, dr Tadeusz Pyz and dr Janusz Plawner, for their hard work and commitment to Medicus. Our goal was to build a strong organization that could reach out to the medical community both here in the United States and back home in Poland. I am personally committed to using my best efforts as President to build upon the work of my predecessors to ensure that Medicus continues to reach its goals, and I am confident that with your help and active participation, our association can be stronger than ever.

I know that I can count on you, right, dear Members of the Board? Each of you knows how hard you have been working on behalf of Medicus. And I would like to thank each of you and acknowledge your enormous efforts, devotion and hard work, which serve as inspiration for me and other members of our association. Meetings of the Board are held monthly. Our current board members were elected in May of this year. Please allow me to introduce these hard working fellows:

Dariusz Nowak - Vice President
Sara Nasiek - Secretary
Dariusz Konopka - Treasurer
Anna Pyz – Manhattan Representative
Jolanta Sygnarowicz-Sykora - Long Island Representative
Slawek Platta - our Attorney

Our Board meets regularly to review the medical landscape, renew old contacts and establish new and meaningful relationships that can invigorate our association. Our intention and purpose is:

  • To strengthen our organization by recruiting new members and updating our current database of over 300 physicians. We have updated our database of over 300 physicians, but now we would like to encourage them to become members to participate in our professional and social activities.
  • To facilitate active participation through the use of our new web presence (work in progress), and through the use of newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media outlets.  
  • To encourage the use of our new website, which has been designed for you and for your professional networking, referrals and possible advertising of your professional services. The website will be also accessible to patients and the general public in the US and Poland.
  • To assist and promote medical professionals of Polish descent. We also plan a scholarship program supporting college and graduate level education of Polish children.

It should be noted that we have engaged the services of a marketing company to promote Medicus and its members in the US, abroad and in Poland.

As you can imagine, our Board has been working hard, but we also have a great time together, particularly during this joyful holiday season. If you, dear colleagues, would join us and participate in our program, we could be the largest and the most successful Polish-American Medical Association in the USA. And I guarantee you will enjoy yourselves in the process.

A few quick other mentions please:

  • On April 12, 2016 we are planning to hold our General Meeting to verify members, analyze amendments to our bylaws (our old bylaws and proposals for amendments will be available on the website soon) and to hold elections to the Board of Directors for a 2-year term.
  • In May we plan to organize a picnic in May (Majówka) for our families and our children
  • In September, we will meet at a vineyard on Long Island where dr Joe Rozdeba will treat us to a lecture, “Wine for Dummies” and “Back to School”
  • Halloween Party in NJ
  • Christmas Party, hopefully again at the Polish Consulate.

There is a lot going on, and much to do. Presently, I am in touch with dr and scientist Wlod Lopaczyski from the National Institute of Health, and with professor Marek Rudnicki, President of the Federation of Polish Medical Organizations Abroad. Both of these esteemed gentlemen have invited Medicus to participate in international conferences both in Poland and the US. That’s very exciting for us.

I think that’s enough information for the moment. Thank you all very much for coming! Now let’s have some fun and together let’s celebrate the 50th birthday anniversary of Medicus which was founded on January 3, 1966 by its first President in the U.S., dr. John J. Danek. Thank you very much again dr Danek. I am very delighted and proud to be following in your footsteps.

In conclusion, I would like to invite every doctor of Polish descent to join our society to help us achieve our ambitious goals and strengthen our presence in the Polish-American society and community. Our strength is in our Polish heritage and long lasting friendships and support for each other. Thank you very much for your attention.

Now I would like to ask Consul General Urszula Gacek to kindly say a few words to us.