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03 Mar 2022

Wspieraj i udostępniaj - największą ogólnopolską zbiórkę na pomoc ofiarom wojny w Ukrainie!

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May 15, 2016

Over 80 people, leaders of Polish-American organizations and associations, met at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington, DC at the invitation of Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf. The meeting, which took the form of a briefing, dealt with matters of Poland’s national security and was held within the framework of the annual Polish-American meetings on Capitol Hill.

Welcoming the assembled guests, Ambassador Schnepf emphasized that the Embassy places great importance on close cooperation with Polonia and support for their initiatives.  The Ambassador also noted the good state of Polish-American relations, as illustrated by the groundbreaking on a US missile defense installation in Redzikowo, Poland. One of the most important events, within the context of US-Poland military cooperation as well as with Poland’s NATO partners, is the upcoming July NATO summit in Warsaw, explained the Ambassador.

A presentation on the state of Poland’s national defense was given by Dorota Markiwicz-Zemke, First Secretary at the Polish Embassy.

Several of the guests also spoke including the Executive Director of the American Polish Advisory Council Darek Barcikowski, who informed about the planned meetings in Washington, DC and the engagement of Polish-Americans in this year’s US presidential elections. As always, General Edward Rowny had kind words to say to Polonia, while also thanking the Ambassador for organizing such a meeting.

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington, DC